Starlight Wish Program
When a child is seriously ill, it can cause an enormous strain in their lives, as well as the lives of their families.  The fear and isolation that is so often experienced by a seriously ill child and their family in the hospital can continue even after the child returns home.

The Starlight Wish Program helps children and families create positive childhood memories and, most importantly, it helps the dreams of seriously ill children come true.

Starlight grants wishes in four categories, to seriously ill children in any stage of their care.  Children can choose to either meet their favourite celebrity; take a Canadian travel adventure; select an item they'd love to have; or have a dream experience, such as be a "ballerina" or a "fire fighter" for a day.

Starlight's vision is to reach every seriously ill child in Canada with both their 
in-hospital and out-of-hospital programs. A big vision — but one we can achieve with your support.

To Donate Towards the Starlight Wish Program, select the "Wish Star Sponsor" on our Sponsorship Page, or contact:
Hayley Press
Fund Development Coordinator
(T): (416) 642-5675 ext. 2225